Retail Stories

When data meets storytelling,
say hello to the holy grail of marketing

Adyoulike is building the future
of online retail
with data and storytelling

You can see a world when you’re no longer making choices
based on publisher inventory, but instead leveraging data to target
customers and mesure campaigns that actually drives sales.
Mic Zavavella
VP Marketing
and Ecommerce Sales.

The next frontier
of retail is here

An unmatched level of data accessible for
sales driven targeting based on loyalty cards

We guarantee outstanding
performances on every campaign

retailers &

You can already launch your retail media plan with those preferred partners

We have access to those retailers data based on store receipts,
web browsing
and online & offline sales.

The activities scenarios based on those endless data are limitless
but we recommend to focus on simple scenarios around:

What our clients say!

Sheily Lemon

Digital and Influence Manager at Danone (Les 2 Vaches)

This multi-stakeholder collaboration has proven to work throughout the process. We have thus developed particularly engaging creative assets, which, addressed to the right people, in the right place, have fulfilled all the objectives set: business (greed, highlighting our organic and fair trade commitments) and media (consideration of our new cream dessert).

Valentine Viaud

Associate Director at iProspect

Innovation is not only at the heart of our partnership with Danone but also intimately linked to our DNA. iProspect is based on the idea of intersection: value always comes from cross ideas, expertise, and points of view. This is why we are so excited to partner with Adyoulike and Criteo to bring together Open Web Creative innovation and the power of the data shopper. We are proud to have supported Les 2 Vaches in promoting its strong values, proud to have dared to enter into this effective media partnership and proud to have been followed.

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